Non‐Verbal Communication: The Influence of Body Language

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Non‐Verbal Communication: The Influence of Body Language

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Course Description

Imagine being able to stimulate a positive response in others before you ever say a word. What we don’t say (our non-verbal communication) is much more persuasive than the actual words that we speak. Knowing how to send the signals and messages that you most want people to receive, while simultaneously reading their responses will give you a true competitive edge. This workshop will reveal insights into creating successful relationships, creating a positive and memorable impression, and maximizing the impact of your every encounter.

Course Outline

  • Evolution of Non-Verbal Communication

  • Historic and Current Case Studies*

  • Posture and Positioning

  • Interactive Application: Power Poses*

  • Hand Usage and Other Gestures

  • Perfecting Your Handshake

  • Demonstration and Implementation Exercise*

  • Facial Expressions and Eye Contact

  • What the Eyes Say – Exercise*

  • MicroExpressions

  • Message and Body Language Congruence

  • Taking Control of Your Non-Verbal


  • The Nerves and Body Language Relationship

  • Body Talk: How to Send it & How to Read it*

  • Impactful Message Delivery

  • Content Consolidation and Review


After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Influence others non-verbally

  • Generate a positive first impression

  • Control and direct your body language

  • Establish trust and rapport

  • Build credibility and subject matter authority

  • Activate your “Honesty Gauge”