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Training for FPGA Synthesis with Synplify Pro Tool
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This course introduces the new user to the Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis product. The course will familiarize the student with the FPGA design flow utilizing features of the Synplify Pro product, enabling the student to actively create designs using the tool.

Through the design experience of Synplicity® Corporate Application Engineers, students will learn to use the Synplify Pro product to design, debug, and implement FPGA and CPLD designs...DOWNLOAD TRAINING FOR FPGA SYNTHESIS WITH SYNPLIFY PRO TOOL COURSE DETAIL


At-A-Glance Schedule
  • Course No:  SYN-BAS-FPGA-101606
  • Course Duration:    1 Day
  • Price:  USD $600
  • Level:  Advanced
  • Prerequisites
    > Basic digital design knowledge,
       Verilog or VHDL








Day 1

> Project Management
> Synthesis Concepts
> The Interactive Text Editor with Error Cross-probing
> HDL Coding for performance
> SCOPE® Graphical Constraints Entry
> The Finite State Machine Tools
> Mapping to FPGA Technologies
> Debugging with the HDL Analyst® Option
> Timing Analyzer
> Batch Mode

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